bub|ble1 [ `bʌbl ] noun count *
1. ) a ball of air or gas in a liquid:
Gas bubbles in any liquid tend to rise to the surface.
Heat the milk until bubbles form around the edge of the pan.
a ) a ball of air or gas in a substance that has become solid:
bubbles of air trapped in ice
Make sure there are no bubbles of air in the jam.
b ) a ball made of a thin outer layer of soap or BUBBLE GUM:
soap bubbles
Children love blowing bubbles.
2. ) a structure that is round like a bubble
3. ) the circle around the words said by people in a CARTOON: BALLOON
the bubble bursts
used for describing the end of a situation that seemed extremely good:
When the economic bubble bursts, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs.
a bubble of something
a feeling that suddenly affects you:
She felt a bubble of hysteria rising in her throat.
on the bubble AMERICAN
in between success and failure in the near future, especially in a sport:
The Yankees are sure to qualify for the post-season playoffs, but the Red Sox are on the bubble.
burst someone's bubble
to end someone's happiness by making them realize what is happening:
I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think he remembers you.
bub|ble 2 [ `bʌbl ] verb intransitive *
1. ) if liquid bubbles, bubbles form and move in it:
A pot of soup was bubbling away on the stove.
When the sauce starts to bubble, remove it from the heat.
2. ) bubble away/beneath if something such as an emotion or violence bubbles away, it continues to exist but is not noticeable:
Violence is bubbling beneath the surface.
,bubble `up phrasal verb intransitive
to increase and become more obvious:
Tension could bubble up again at any time.
`bubble ,with or ,bubble `over ,with phrasal verb transitive
bubble (over) with something to be full of a happy or excited feeling:
Everybody's bubbling with enthusiasm.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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